Custom Publishing

We are the experts at synthesizing complex information and ideas, transforming them into our proprietary, easy-to-understand format. Regardless of your business, topic, or concept - we can help you express your ideas, share your knowledge, and capture your client’s imagination.

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What is Custom Publishing?

Utilizing our collection of over 15,000 illustrations and our prowess at synthesizing complex information, we design and publish a folded-pocket guide tailored to your business and location. Most commonly, we create wildlife identification guides tailored to a specific location such as a park, golf course, conservation or reclamation area. These guides contain approximately 120 different species, plus the businesses’ logo, message, photos and other customization. The completed guide is truly a one-of-a-kind publication which can be sold by the client or distributed as an incentive, training tool and more. While wildlife identification guides are our most common client request, Waterford Press has developed guides that simplify a variety of complex and proprietary topics including: science, natural history, disaster survival, first aid, travel, world cultures, avian protection, transportation, and utilities.

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  • Who do you publish custom guides for?

  • We have published guides for over 300 different clients ranging from grassroots non-profit organizations to global corporations. Our diverse client list includes national, state, and local parks, land trusts and conservation organizations, government agencies and task forces, leading tour and travel operators, utility providers, and manufacturers. Most commonly our clients leverage our proprietary collection of 15,000+ species illustrations to create their own tailored wildlife identification guides. Explore some of our current custom guides here.

  • How long does the process take?

  • Typically the process of creating a custom guide takes 16-20 weeks from start to delivery. This allows plenty of time for reviews, approvals and print manufacturing. If you have a specific date you are trying to meet, we can often accelerate the process to hit your deadlines.

  • How much does a custom guide cost?

  • Since we have developed and own our content, we do not need to pay third-party royalties for illustrations. As a result, collaborating with us on a custom-guide is far less expensive and time-consuming than you might imagine. Our pricing is “all-in”, meaning that you are charged a per unit price with no hidden fees. Prices start at less than $3.50 per printed guide and declines as ordered quantity increases. Contact us to discuss your project and request a custom price quote.

Four Reasons Why You Should Create a Custom Guide

  • Generate Revenue for Your Organization

  • Offer your custom guide for sale and create a source of consistent, reoccurring revenue for your organization. Most clients choose to sell their guides for $7.95 each, generating approximately $4.00 of profit on every sale. Custom guides make a great fundraising incentive too, and can help win grant proposals. Many clients have come back to Waterford to create multiple guides and reorder frequently – a testament to their value.

  • Extend Your Brand

  • Your custom guide will be co-branded with your organization’s logo and message, creating a lasting impression with your clients. Our proprietary pocket guide format is durable and attractive, and will be used by your clients again and again. Far more than another expected promotional product, your guide will set yourself apart from your competition and provide your customers/clients/supporters a useful and valuable tool that connects them directly with you.

  • Share Your Knowledge

  • As experts in synthesizing complex information, we can help you convert your rich information and convert it into an easy to digest guide. Use your guide to introduce complex topics, reinforce key messages, or easily explain how-to, what-to, and what-is-it. Have internal policies or procedures that need to be routinely followed? A custom guide can be an excellent solution that your employees can keep with them at all times. Your custom guide can be a problem solver, fundraiser and more.

  • Easy and Economical

  • With over twenty years of experience and 800 guides published, we have mastered the process necessary to efficiently create your custom guide. Whether you’re a big or small organization, our dedicated in-house team will provide you exceptional one-on-one support from day one, removing any guesswork and making the process easy and enjoyable.

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