Company & Staff

Waterford Press is a Florida based publishing company owned by zoologist James & Jill Kavanagh. Their 25+ years of adventure travel, nature observation and writing have resulted in more than 500 publications on the flora and fauna of most of the world’s great ecotourism destinations and to the natural world around us. Over 5,000,000 copies sold and 20 years later, Waterford Press publishes the largest line of folding-format reference guides in the industry.

Our mission is to publish information that connects people to the world around them by making knowledge about nature, the sciences, and world cultures more accessible. We are a noted reference source for educators in science, college-level zoology, and in-field professional training as well as youth outreach programs around the country. More than 90% of our products are printed in the USA. Waterford Press takes pride in doing our part to sustain the livelihood of the people who enjoy our products.

In the spirit of making access to the natural world available to the widest possible audience, Waterford Press has contributed more than 100,000 pocket guides and books to nonprofit youth organizations, schools and groups.

In addition to our flagship line, Waterford Press produces customized nature guides for a number of organizations, including national and state parks, museums, and some of the nation’s most prominent nonprofit organizations and conservation groups.

About Us

"Environmental education begins when we learn to appreciate the plants and animals in our immediate environment. When we start to care about local species—which often begins by learning their names—we take the first step towards appreciating and understanding our place as merely a component of an ecosystem."

- James Kavanagh, Founder & President

Our Staff

Since our beginning and to this day, we are a family-owned and operated business. Our small but mighty staff, based in Dunedin (Tampa), Florida handle all aspects of product development, design, sales, marketing, and business administration.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and manage all aspects of order fulfillment in-house. Orders ship daily from our warehouse in Bowling Green, KY operated by our dedicated client services team.