Nature of Texas, The

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Nature of Texas, The


An Introduction to Familiar Plants, Animals & Outstanding Natural Attractions

The largest state in the continental US, Texas hosts more than 1000 species of plants and animals. The Nature of Texas includes a memorable essay by James C. Rettie, who worked for the National Forest Service in 1948. In a flash of brilliance, he converted the statistics from an existing government pamphlet on soil erosion into an analogy for the ages. His essay inspires us all to recognize the fleeting time and fragile state of the natural world around us. This field guide introduces readers to common plants and animals and highlights the diversity of species found in Texas with more than 350 full color illustrations, 9 maps featuring the major wildlife viewing destinations and parks in different parts of the state. Checklists and full indices so that serious citizen scientists and nature watchers can track their viewing experiences.

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