Supervivencia De Terremoto (Earthquake)

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Supervivencia De Terremoto (Earthquake)


Preparese Para Sobrevivir Un Terremoto

Earthquakes strike with devastating force and often without warning. Approximately 41 US states are at risk of moderate to severe earthquakes, and amazingly, these states are located in every region of the country. Based on international protocols, Earthquake Survival focuses on what people can do before, during and after an earthquake to protect themselves and their property. Also included in each guide are smartphone QR codes that link to the websites of various emergency services agencies. Laminated for durability, this portable guide is an ideal source of quick and accurate information. Made in the USA.


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This Latin American Spanish adaptation of the Earthquake Survival guide is intended to present important information on disaster preparedness to the more than 45 million people living in the USA who speak Spanish as their primary language. Laminated for durability, this portable guide is a source of quick information.


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