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Waterford Press is the foremost publisher of simplified wildlife identification, outdoor recreation, travel and safety skills guides worldwide.

Beautiful Portable Reference Guides

Our pocket-sized nature guides feature hundreds of beautiful illustrations of animals and plants and are ideal for use in the field by novices and experts alike.

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Expertly Researched

Waterford's editorial team of scientists and educators are experts at synthesizing complex ideas and presenting them in an appealing format.

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Pocket-sized, Economically Priced

Our one-ounce guides feature a wealth of information packaged in a folding, pocket format which make them ideal for people who want quick and easy reference to a variety of subjects.

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Adventure Sets for a World of Destinations


The Best Guides & The Best Maps

Our new Adventure Sets pair our most popular wildlife identification guides with a National Geographic topographic trail map. The ideal combination for safely navigating where to go and identifying what you see along the way.


A World of Destinations

Over 40 Adventure Sets are now available for National Parks, major cities, and adventure travel destinations worldwide.

Our Products

Waterford Press produces simplified reference guides that introduce novices to nature, science, travel and languages. Our catalog includes over 500 titles including unique products for all 50 states, plus a growing line of international guides. Explore our complete collection organized by product family below.

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Pocket Naturalist Guides

The leading wildlife identification guides in the market. Each guide includes approximately 100 unique species organized by geographic location and habitat. Explore…

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Our collection of must-know outdoor recreation skills covering topics such as: First Aid, navigation, knots, camping, and fishing. Duraguides are printed on waterproof and tear-resistant material. Explore…

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Adventure Sets

Created in collaboration with National Geographic, Adventure Sets pair a Pocket Naturalist wildlife identification guide with a National Geographic topographic trail map. The ideal combo for finding where to go and identifying what you see at national parks and adventure travel destinations worldwide. Explore…


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Pathfinder Outdoor Survival Guides

Developed with Dave Canterbury, a master woodsman with over 20 years of experience working in dangerous environments. His common sense approach to survivability is recognized as one of the most effective systems of teaching known today. Explore…

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Disaster Survival Guides

Based on international protocols established by the Red Cross and FEMA, these folding pocket guides let people know what to be before, during and after natural disasters. Select titles are available in both English and Spanish. Explore…

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Nature Activity Books

Educational and fun activity books for kids from grades 2-5, packed with puzzles, word games and activities that make learning fun. Each book is 8 ¼” x 11”, 32 pages and printed in full-color.




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